“Leading creativity into the future” @ Crea Jam Berlin

By | 2 novembre 2015

logo-jamdays2RezoLab is present at Crea Jam Berlin 1st edition this November 2015 and contribute to the open space format, where all participant can offer and/or attend sessions. RezoLab workshop’s topic is “The power of Card Deck”, a 40 minutes session to play with Oblique strategies and Group Works. The ambitious agenda of Crea Jam Days is to question our beliefs and practices in creativity, to think about the real value and use of creativity today in companies, society, day to day life, to redefine the functions and skills of facilitation, to invent new tools and techniques that can be integrated in a modern, cross-generational, cross-cultural and digitalized “creativity” world. To understand better the open space format, you can watch this brief video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2t3EXflXZk